Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purpose Of Life (Continued)

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Consider first Requirement ie “Every cell (Person) must do its work/duty”.At this point my friend Gogia might say that whatever is his duty or work is, IS his purpose and finding that out is the main question. I would like you to appreciate that the first requirement is not the ONLY requirement and also according to me the requirement that requires least focus and energy. For example I don’t have to tell my kidney cell time and again that he needs to purify my blood, it’s something that comes to it naturally and dose automatically. So what is your work/duty? If answering that is difficult try to answer “What you do automatically”. If you can’t find the answer right away don’t even bother. In a moment I will tell you why.

Next requirement is to help those in the same organ to do their work/duty so that the “multicellular organism” can survive. By organ, it can mean those in the same commercial organization, same field or living in same locality, country planet. By help I don’t mean you do their work but creating the situation where others can do their work/duty. This might take form of showing somebody in your office how to do certain work, by giving materialistic support to a person who is in need of it (at the same time ensuring that he becomes self-sufficient) etc. At this point I would like you to highlight that DON’T spend all your energy at this expectation.
Gogia may again say that a thief may have negative effect on the society and thus the multicellular organism. For thieves his work/duty is to do whatever they do, but societies work/task is to punish them (as it comes naturally to society). Who is to say what is right and what is wrong.

Third (and according to me the most important) requirement: the evolution. By evolution I mean improvement of cell and thus the organ and thus the multicellular organism. Improvement can be learning better way to do the work, FINDING new and better way to do the work, and acquiring new skill and/or CHANGING your task to suit newly acquired understanding/skills. This is the task that requires most energy (you know learning isn’t easy) and demands most creativity from our side. Also as “you can always change your work” you need not worry about the initial choice you make. Just make a choice and always fulfill the three requirement.

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  1. Hi there Manju, I read both both your Purpose of Life posts. Really like what you wrote about collective collective consciousness- would we call this God though? Like you I'm interested to know what the purpose of this collective consciousness is. Have you tried meditation at all?