Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purpose of Life

Yesterday night I was unable to sleep. Probably because too much of coffee or sleep or both. Adding to the insomnia, the the question about “purpose and meaning of life” started to puzzle my mind.

If I could answer the question that “What GOD expects from us?” it seemed that probably the same shall be answer to my original question regarding “purpose and meaning of life”. (Please read on even if you call GOD by any other name or even if you don’t believe in GOD)

Firstly I needed to define God. (I am in no way implying that it is possible to define GOD. We just need to model that can help us in our enquiry). The most suitable answer that appeared to my mind was: He is combined consciousness of all living and non-living beings.
Assuming that you can appreciate the above model, to answer our question “What GOD expects from us?”  we have to find:
1)     Something/somebody that is combined consciousness of a lot of living being and
2)     What he/she expects from those living being that are its constituent.
For the answer to first question we don’t have to look too far. From our basic knowledge of Biology we know that we consist of billions of cells and thus you and I are combined consciousness of these cells. In fact any multicellular living being is combined consciousness of its cells.

The second question is quite tricky. Because it says  “What does any multicellular organism expect from EVERY SINGLE ONE of its cells?”. The answer to this can run into millions of pages but they boil down to:
1)     Every cell must do its work/duty.
2)     The cell should help other in the organ to do their work and so that organ as a whole can do its work better in the system, so that multicellular organism can survive.
3)     It should evolve and help multicellular organism evolve
I think we can’t ask anything more from the poor cell.

Note that other expectations like faster recovery from injury, improving multicellular organisms’ chances of reproduction and even supernatural powers are covered in above.

Hence, above three shall be GOD’s expectations from us and thus by implication our purpose.

Lastly the most important question according to Einstein was “Why did GOD create the universe?” .
Probably for the same three reasons.

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  1. Hello Manuj, everyone's approach and thinking about the purpose and meaning of life is different so please take this input in that context. Seems your approach is focused on God's creation of the physical aspects of the universe, including the cellular composition of our bodies. My approach is more abstract, based on the concept (reality to me) that we are spirits in a physical body; thus, the body to me is incidental to the purpose and meaning of life as I see that being defined by the soul.