Thursday, August 2, 2012

India and China

First of all we are neighbors! And have been the best neighbors for a very long time in history. And when we were together both of us were the best places to live-in in the whole world. We controlled world trade, had best medical facilities in the world, we produced so much extra that we had surplus to export and control the trade. Both were developing our own forms of art, be it marshal art or philosophy or medicine (if you call it art). There was a total exchange of knowledge and we benefited from it.

Then some were in-between Mughals came to India, Mughals were indirectly from China and india had its one of the best time during this period. Akbar the Great is from that period, and do remember there are only two "The Great " 's in India.

Then came Britishers to both our countries. They were somehow able to convince us that we are not the good neighbors. We foolishly started fitting and are still fitting till this date. And now...... we are NOT the best places in the world anymore. Britishers had control over us and were able to convince us so much against each other that now, even after 50 years we are still fighting. Fighting and not cooperating as freely and completely as in our golden eras.
The most weird thing is that we have NOW complete control over foreign and internal policies and we are still fighting.
The best countries in the world are not fighting any more. They are growing much faster than any of us. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Cold War was not over. Both sides had nuclear arsenals that could destroy the whole world.
Coming back to India and China, Don’t you think we are in a Cold War kind of situation in contrast to our previous amicable relationships?
 I request you to get out of this and make IndoChina & SinoIndia heaven on earth, land of opertunities.

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