Friday, August 3, 2012

How will I like my next operating system to be?

The next operating system should recognize faces from camera & apply the settings accordingly independent of whether he is logged in or not1. The user need not be the actual user created in the the system, and even if he/she is the user of the computer, these setting should be different from the actual user settings. The operating system should not give the rights of the user of whose setting is applied but only make changes in the user setting 2 .The changes can include wallpaper, play list, theme, recent documents etc. The system should understand and learn from user preferences and not just apply the last setting.
The system can also understand the mood the user and the guest prefers when they both are in the room and apply the settings accordingly.
Note:- if such setting data for a  guest doesn’t exists  than computer should start learning from new user behavior and once the user is gone it must ask the administrator and the guest weather the user data has to be saved or not3 . This is to save hard disk space.

1 System ,if required, can wait for some time (of continues presence of guest) before applying the settings.
2 The system should somehow recognize when the setting has to be applied.
3There can be many variations to this: The computer doesn’t ask and automatically deletes the setting after fixed number of days or the administrator can give right to users to delete the new user for whom data has been created at the time when these user were logged in.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

India and China

First of all we are neighbors! And have been the best neighbors for a very long time in history. And when we were together both of us were the best places to live-in in the whole world. We controlled world trade, had best medical facilities in the world, we produced so much extra that we had surplus to export and control the trade. Both were developing our own forms of art, be it marshal art or philosophy or medicine (if you call it art). There was a total exchange of knowledge and we benefited from it.

Then some were in-between Mughals came to India, Mughals were indirectly from China and india had its one of the best time during this period. Akbar the Great is from that period, and do remember there are only two "The Great " 's in India.

Then came Britishers to both our countries. They were somehow able to convince us that we are not the good neighbors. We foolishly started fitting and are still fitting till this date. And now...... we are NOT the best places in the world anymore. Britishers had control over us and were able to convince us so much against each other that now, even after 50 years we are still fighting. Fighting and not cooperating as freely and completely as in our golden eras.
The most weird thing is that we have NOW complete control over foreign and internal policies and we are still fighting.
The best countries in the world are not fighting any more. They are growing much faster than any of us. Can you imagine what would have happened if the Cold War was not over. Both sides had nuclear arsenals that could destroy the whole world.
Coming back to India and China, Don’t you think we are in a Cold War kind of situation in contrast to our previous amicable relationships?
 I request you to get out of this and make IndoChina & SinoIndia heaven on earth, land of opertunities.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Purpose Of Life (Continued)

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Consider first Requirement ie “Every cell (Person) must do its work/duty”.At this point my friend Gogia might say that whatever is his duty or work is, IS his purpose and finding that out is the main question. I would like you to appreciate that the first requirement is not the ONLY requirement and also according to me the requirement that requires least focus and energy. For example I don’t have to tell my kidney cell time and again that he needs to purify my blood, it’s something that comes to it naturally and dose automatically. So what is your work/duty? If answering that is difficult try to answer “What you do automatically”. If you can’t find the answer right away don’t even bother. In a moment I will tell you why.

Next requirement is to help those in the same organ to do their work/duty so that the “multicellular organism” can survive. By organ, it can mean those in the same commercial organization, same field or living in same locality, country planet. By help I don’t mean you do their work but creating the situation where others can do their work/duty. This might take form of showing somebody in your office how to do certain work, by giving materialistic support to a person who is in need of it (at the same time ensuring that he becomes self-sufficient) etc. At this point I would like you to highlight that DON’T spend all your energy at this expectation.
Gogia may again say that a thief may have negative effect on the society and thus the multicellular organism. For thieves his work/duty is to do whatever they do, but societies work/task is to punish them (as it comes naturally to society). Who is to say what is right and what is wrong.

Third (and according to me the most important) requirement: the evolution. By evolution I mean improvement of cell and thus the organ and thus the multicellular organism. Improvement can be learning better way to do the work, FINDING new and better way to do the work, and acquiring new skill and/or CHANGING your task to suit newly acquired understanding/skills. This is the task that requires most energy (you know learning isn’t easy) and demands most creativity from our side. Also as “you can always change your work” you need not worry about the initial choice you make. Just make a choice and always fulfill the three requirement.

Purpose of Life

Yesterday night I was unable to sleep. Probably because too much of coffee or sleep or both. Adding to the insomnia, the the question about “purpose and meaning of life” started to puzzle my mind.

If I could answer the question that “What GOD expects from us?” it seemed that probably the same shall be answer to my original question regarding “purpose and meaning of life”. (Please read on even if you call GOD by any other name or even if you don’t believe in GOD)

Firstly I needed to define God. (I am in no way implying that it is possible to define GOD. We just need to model that can help us in our enquiry). The most suitable answer that appeared to my mind was: He is combined consciousness of all living and non-living beings.
Assuming that you can appreciate the above model, to answer our question “What GOD expects from us?”  we have to find:
1)     Something/somebody that is combined consciousness of a lot of living being and
2)     What he/she expects from those living being that are its constituent.
For the answer to first question we don’t have to look too far. From our basic knowledge of Biology we know that we consist of billions of cells and thus you and I are combined consciousness of these cells. In fact any multicellular living being is combined consciousness of its cells.

The second question is quite tricky. Because it says  “What does any multicellular organism expect from EVERY SINGLE ONE of its cells?”. The answer to this can run into millions of pages but they boil down to:
1)     Every cell must do its work/duty.
2)     The cell should help other in the organ to do their work and so that organ as a whole can do its work better in the system, so that multicellular organism can survive.
3)     It should evolve and help multicellular organism evolve
I think we can’t ask anything more from the poor cell.

Note that other expectations like faster recovery from injury, improving multicellular organisms’ chances of reproduction and even supernatural powers are covered in above.

Hence, above three shall be GOD’s expectations from us and thus by implication our purpose.

Lastly the most important question according to Einstein was “Why did GOD create the universe?” .
Probably for the same three reasons.

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